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How It Works

How To Relocate a Safe
In 5 Short Steps


Get a

Fill out our short form and tell us when, where, and what you need to move your safe.



List the details in our inventory list and share the list via phone, email, or in person.



Once we receive the inventory list, we will precisely estimate the cost of your move.


Moving Process

We will arrive on a set date and carefully move all your items so you can relax during the move.



Your opinion matters so let us know your experience with our moving service.


should You Hire
Professional Safe Movers?

Heavy & Bulky Items

Most safes are too heavy to move without a plan. However, professional movers have special procedures for a safe relocation.

Special Equipment

Moving, loading, unloading, and placing safes of all sizes require specific equipment and tools to finish the job damage-free.

Safety Comes First

You can easily get injured or damage your safe, or your home so hire our Myrtle Beach company to prevent any accidents from happening.

Our Service

Myrtle Beach Relocation Service
For all Safe Types

There’re many different styles and safe sizes and we move them all!

From small and personal to bigger commercial ones, we’ll provide top-notch service and move any safe size quickly and efficiently.

That includes:

  • Fire-resistant safe
  • Burglary safe
  • Jewelry safe
  • Floor safe
  • Standalone safe
  • Gun safe
  • Wall safe
  • Office safe
  • Data media safes

Our Cost

our Safe Moving Service
Price For Myrtle Beach


The safe moving price will vary due to the difficulty of the move, the covered distance, and the type of safe you want to move. That is why we encourage you to fill out our detailed inventory form with all the necessary information about your move.

General charges:

  • travel charge of $100
  • $105/hr for 2 movers
  • $135/hr for 3 movers
  • $165/hr for 4 movers
  • additional $30/hr for an extra mover

Why Choose Us?

We are The Best
Safe Moving Company

5.0 Review Rating

We move every item with care, no matter the size or distance of the move. That is why our rating is still high, even after 130+ reviews.

700+ Moving Projects

We’ll move your safe efficiently because we have the experience and proper techniques for a damage-free relocation.

Licensed Moving Company

Our Myrtle Beach company has all the necessary licenses & insurance to keep our business legitimate.

No Hidden Costs

The price we both agree on is final and there won’t be surprises, hidden fees, or unknown expenses once the job is done.

Only Professional Equipment

Only professional and quality equipment comes into play during our moving service to keep the move efficient and safe.

Safe Item Guarantee

We will ensure your safe is protected with blankets and wraps every step of the move.

Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Moving Safes

Why Should I Hire a Moving Company When Moving Safe?

Safes are heavy and bulky, making it very dangerous for a single person or a few amateurs to handle them independently.

Will Luxury Movers Moving Company Protect My Safe Before Moving?

Yes, we’ll protect your safe. Our professional team wraps the safe with a blanket or wrap to protect it during relocation. We use special equipment like dollies to load it into the truck without damage. We also fix it to the truck so it won’t move during transportation.

Which Step Comes First When Moving a Gun Safe?

The first thing you should determine is safe weight. Tell us the safe gun model so we can check its specifications. 

Do Movers Transport Guns?

Yes, we can transport gun safes and guns, but we can’t transport ammunition. Ammunition is a hazardous item, so we can’t move it. 

How Can You Move a Safe Up And Down Stairs?

Our professional team will use a heavy-duty appliance dolly to move your safe up and down stairs.

Can You Move My Safe Long-distance?

Yes, of course! We have the required tools and trucks to move your safe over long distances quickly and effortlessly. Also, while driving, we’ll be in touch with you the whole time. 

Can I Hire Your Service to Load The Safe From The Truck Or a Van?

Yes, you can! We have a labor-only service where we load or unload your belongings in or out of the truck without relocation.  

Can You Move My Safe From One Room To The Other?

Yes, we can do that too! We can move your safe no matter whether it is in the same building or a long-distance move.