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Local & Long-distance Moving In North Myrtle Beach

Local Move In North Myrtle Beach

Our reliable moving company that operates around North Myrtle Beach will relocate all your belongings safely, and for an affordable price.

Long-distance Move In North Myrtle Beach

If you want a long-distance moving service, check out our offer and hire professional movers for a safe relocation.


Our Relocation Services
For North Myrtle Beach Area

Apartment Relocation

If you are looking for moving experts to move your apartment scratch and stress-free, our reputable brand in North Myrtle Beach is for you!

Household Relocation

Moving an entire house can be a hassle, so leave that to our quality North Myrtle Beach moving team, who will do it without a hitch.

Commercial Relocation

Hire North Myrtle Beach professionals for your commercial move to make sure every item is where it should be after relocating.

Small Relocation

Looking for movers who will move a few items with care? Hire our moving team and relocate it all around North Myrtle Beach.

Heavy Item

Relocate Bukly Items With Us All Around North Myrtle beach

Furniture Relocation

Our quality moving team will efficiently move all your furniture to a new location near or far from North Myrtle Beach.

Appliance Relocation

Moving appliances is easy for our experienced movers around North Myrtle Beach. We will move every device with care!

Piano Relocation

Pianos require a delicate hand during moving. Trust our highly-trained moving company to move yours in or out of North Myrtle Beach safely.

Safe Relocation

Our moving service includes safe relocation because our movers know how to move a safe to a new location in time and without a scratch.

Additional Services

Extra Moving Options
For North Myrtle Beach Area

Movers By Hour

Hire our moving company if you require movers around the North Myrtle Beach area. Our moving service will ensure a stress-free experience topped with affordable prices and a friendly moving team.

Packing Service

Thanks to our knowledge and special tools, we will 100% protect your belongings during the move around North Myrtle Beach.

Storage Facility

You can ask our moving company for a recommendation if you are looking for a storage facility around North Myrtle Beach.

moving storage service in North Myrtle Beach

Load/Unload Service

Movers from our company will ensure your belongings are loaded and unloaded with care and without stress.

Assembly/Disassembly Service

Our moving team will make sure to disassemble items for a safer move near North Myrtle Beach and assemble them as before.

Our Clients

Hire Our Moving Company
In North Myrtle Beach Area

Single Person

Our North Myrtle Beach movers will safely relocate your belongings regardless of distance and type. So book a move today with the highest-rated company!


If you want a stress-free move, hire our reliable moving company with affordable prices to relocate your family’s belongings the right way.


We provide moving services to seniors in, out, or around North Myrtle Beach. Check out our competitive rates and hire the best moving professionals in the area.


Our highly trained moving team will ensure every North Myrtle Beach veteran experiences a stress-free relocation with damage-free belongings.


We know that student life is challenging, so Luxury Movers Moving Company’s moving options are adjusted accordingly, as well as our affordable prices.

Why Us?

Reliable Moving Company
In North Myrtle Beach Area

Small Local Business

Our moving company operates around North Myrtle Beach, offering professional service & competitive prices for everybody.

Client Comes First

Our moving company operates in and around North Myrtle Beach, offering professional service and competitive prices for everybody who requires a move no matter the distance.

Licenses & Certifications

Luxury Movers Moving Company has all the necessary licenses and certifications – to ensure you see us as a serious brand.

Highly Trained Moving Team

You can be sure that your belonging is safe with us because our movers go through a thorough education that includes packing, loading, and other services we provide during the move.

Competitive Rates

Our Moving Service Prices
For North Myrtle Beach Area

From $320

Every move is different and the same story is with the cost of the move. It depends on the distance, the volume of the move, and the additional requirements you may have for the move. If you want a precise price estimation, fill out our detailed inventory form and wait for our reply.

  • $100 travel charge
  • 2 hours minimum
  • $105/hr for 2 movers
  • $135/hr for 3 movers
  • $165/hr for 4 movers
  • each next mover is $30/h


Most Popular Questions For
North Myrtle Beach Moves

How Much Are Movers In North Myrtle Beach?

On average, North Myrtle Beach movers cost $320 and up. It depends on the distance and volume of the move. To be sure of the price, fill out our inventory form, and we will let you know our cost. 

How Many Movers Should I Hire For My Move In North Myrtle Beach?

The number of movers depends on the size of the move you have. Fill out our inventory with the details, and we will get back to you with our estimate. 

How Much Time Do You Need To Move In North Myrtle Beach?

If you are referring to a local move in North Myrtle Beach, then on, average, you would need 3 hours. If you are moving farther away then you would need more time, depending on the distance.