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Why Hire heavy-item
Moving company?

A heavy-item moving service is often needed for large, heavy, or high-value items that require special handling, equipment, and care. 

Professional Equipment

Heavy items aren’t easy to lift or move without proper equipment. So we use the best tools and equipment, ensuring the safety of your items and your home.

Risk Of Injuries

If not handled appropriately, you can end up with severe injuries and broken items. We’re professionals who use pro equipment and move heavy items daily.

A Lot Of Experience

Moving heavy items is a time-consuming and laborious task for amateurs. However, professional movers will follow their proven procedure and move it quickly.

local, long, emergency

Moving Services
We Provide

Local Move

We’ll plan and coordinate your local move with utmost detail. We are known for our efficiency, attention to detail, and punctuality.

Out-of-state Move

No matter the distance, we’ll relocate your heavy item. However, a long-distance move is unique with its challenges and specific requirements.

Last-minute Move

Need to move your heavy item urgently? In that case, call us! We’ll check our schedule and give the best of our abilities to help you. 

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We move all Types
Of Heavy Items

Our experienced and highly-trained team can move:

five steps

Process Of Heavy-item

With years of experience, professional movers, and top-quality equipment, we make heavy items moving easy. 

1. Step – We Create a Plan

Before lifting and moving, we’ll prepare all our tools, equipment, and trucks for moving. We’ll measure your item and decide how we’ll move it. 

2. Step – Protecting Your House

We’ll protect your floor, walls, and door from any potential damage. 

3. Step – Disassembling

If possible, we’ll disassemble your item for an easier move.

4. Step – Protect The Item

Wrapping items with moving blankets, shrink wrap, and other protective materials will reduce the possibility of damage.

5. Step – Moving The Item

We’ll use furniture sliders, dollies, and other professional equipment to move your belonging from the house and load it into the truck. 

but first, safety

Safety Of your Heavy Item
Is Our No.1 Priority

That’s why we have a highly-experienced and professional team, quality packing materials, and proper techniques to move your item hassle-free. 
We will:

  • Carefully wrap and pack your heavy items
  • Securely load them into our moving truck
  • Completely protect your carpets and floors
  • Pad and wrap items in your home to protect them

The best tools

Only Professional Equipment
For Heavy Item Moving

Luxury Movers Moving Company uses professional equipment, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled with exceptional care. 

We use:

  • Moving pads
  • Stretch wrap
  • Dollies and skid boards
  • Ratchet straps
  • Blankets
  • Stair ramp (if there are stairs)
  • Lifting straps and belts
  • Specially-designed  moving truck

our prices

Heavy Items Moving
Cost estimate


Various factors will affect the final price, which is why we have made an inventory list you can fill out for a more precise cost estimate.
Don’t forget to mention if you need to move a fragile or oversized item. Then we’ll come equipped with extra protection materials and equipment.

Filing out the inventory list will provide us with essential information about your moving requirements.  Plus, you can add special requirements like assembly, packing, and unpacking. All this information will give us a better understanding of your move and result in a more accurate estimate.

We charge $105 per hour (a minimum of two hours) plus a minimum $100 travel fee, depending on the distance.

what to expect

What Benefits Does
Our Company Offer?

Licensed & Insured 

We specialize in fast-moving services. We’re a trustworthy and reliable company you can count on.

No-damage Guarantee

Thanks to our highly experienced team and professional equipment, your items will arrive in pristine condition at a new location.

Unique Approach

We use a unique and innovative approach to load and move heavy objects safely and efficiently.

Affordable Rates

We won’t break the bank at the end of the day. Our company offers affordable prices and high-quality moving services.

to-do list

Are You Ready For
Heavy-item Move?

Use this checklist and ensure you’ll cover all you need to do before moving. 

  1. Movers will contact you at least 24 hours before moving day, so you know the arrival time
  2. Arrange to be off-work on a moving day if possible
  3. Make sure your house is ready for the moving crew
  4. Move items that may make our movement difficult off the walkways
  5. Prepare the item – clean it, empty it and disconnect it (if it is a device)
  6. Clear a path out of the house/office
  7. Be there to greet movers and give instructions
  8. Make sure your movers have the correct new address
  9. To instruct movers on where to place your items, be present at your new location

You ask, we answer

Have Any Questions?
Here are The Answers

How Will Luxury Movers Moving Company Protect My Heavy Items From Damage?

Our team members are professionals trained in moving and handling techniques. Plus, they come equipped with all the needed tools, such as blankets, packing tape, paper, and boxes.

How Will Your Movers Protect My House From Damage?

Our crew will protect your home from dirt and any potential damage and scratches with commercial-grade floor runners and top-grade blankets.

Do Movers Help Unpack And Assemble Items?

We are happy to say that you can count on that service too! In addition, we offer packing, unpacking, disassembly, and assembly services. 

What Moving Supplies Do You Use To Lift Heavy Items?

We use moving pads, blankets, tape, rubber bands, sliders, lifting straps, and other equipment. 

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Additional Costs?

There are absolutely no hidden fees or additional costs. We are a transparent and reliable moving company.