Common Answers
To Your Questions

Payment Information

What Are Your Payment Methods?

We accept payment by cash, checks, or credit card.

When Will You Charge My Move?

For local moves, payment is accepted after the job is complete. For a long-distance move, we require a $500 deposit, and the rest will be collected after the job is complete. 

How Is The Service Cost Calculated?

Our quotes fully depend on inventory, mileage, the number of guys, and the number of trucks needed. We will then prepare an hourly rate for local moves or a flat rate for long-distance moves.

Will The Price Fluctuate For Long-distance Moves?

We provide our clients with a flat rate quote for all long-distance moves. Our price will not increase when we arrive at the destination address.

Are There Any Additional Fees For Your Service?

No, there aren’t any additional fees. Once you share your wishes with us and we give you a price, it stays the same until the job is done. The only way a price would change is if a type of service changes during the move (distance, items, etc.), then the price will change accordingly.

Is There a Minimum Amount Of Hours For Hiring You?

We do have a 2-hour minimum for all jobs.

Service Information

Are You Fully Licensed And Insured?

We are fully licensed and insured on the state and federal level. USDOT: 3288750, MC: 1041081, PSC/ORS: 9874

Do You Provide Packing/unpacking Services?

Yes, we offer packing and unpacking services, no matter how many items you need to move.

Do You Provide The Moving Equipment?

Yes, we have all the necessary equipment to make your move fast and secure. For example, we provide blankets and stretch wraps for securing furniture, dollies for loading into our trucks, etc.

Can You Temporarily Store My Possessions?

No, we can’t temporarily store your possessions. However, we can recommend a few reliable brands that provide this service.

Planning A Move

How Far Out Is Your Company Booked?

During the summer months, we’re usually a month out. In all other seasons, we’re typically 2-3 weeks out.

What Happens If I Change My Moving Date?

Our scheduling depends on availability. If you would like to change your date, we can accommodate you if it’s available. We do not charge extra for date changes.

How Long Does It Take To Move My Belongings?

The moving process depends on many factors, such as; the weather, the distance, the number of items, the type of service, etc. The move can last from a couple of hours to a few days. Therefore, we will give you an estimation to easily organize your activity around moving days.

How Will The Movers Know Which Items To Relocate And Which To Leave Behind?

We will provide you with an inventory list. That is a list of the most common appliances and items. You can fill the list with things you want to relocate, and we will use that inventory list as our main guideline. Also, once we arrive at your location, you should give us a quick walkthrough explaining which items we move.

Moving Day

How Do I Prepare For The Moving Day?

Ensure all boxes are labeled, especially fragile ones. Packing should be done prior to move day. All appliances and electronics should be disconnected, and cords and remotes should be packed together. Furniture should be free of loose items. Beds should be stripped of linen.

What If I Haven’t Finished Packing By My Scheduled Moving Day?

If you haven’t finished packing by your moving day, please contact us so we know the situation. The sooner you reach out to us, the better. We can give you two possible offers: you can hire our movers to pack for you, or we can push back the move date. Additional charges will apply if we pack, but no extra charge if we push your move date back.

Should I Help Movers With Moving?

At no point should you help your movers with moving. Your movers are trained professionals and we do not want to risk you getting hurt. However, we prefer you stay close by if we have any questions.

Do I Need To Be Present At The Site During Moving?

This entirely depends on your preferences. You can, but you don’t have to be present during the move. If you want to stay and ensure everything goes OK, you are free to do so.

What Should I Keep With Me During Moving?

Please keep all jewelry, cash, prescription medicine, keys, and important documents with you.

Moving Process

Which Items Cannot Be Transported On Your Moving Truck?

We can transport most items in our moving trucks because we will secure them with the proper tools and equipment. However, we won’t transport flammables, acids, corrosives, gas or propane bottles, motor oils or fuel, and other hazardous items. In addition, we don’t recommend putting house plants into moving trucks because most of them are too fragile to survive the temperature and stress of a moving truck.

Will You Guys Disassemble/ reassemble Beds?

Yes, we provide assembly service for oversized furniture like beds, pianos, etc. That includes disassembly for transportation and reassembly once the furniture arrives at its destination.

Do I Need To Empty The Bedroom Furniture Drawers? (Dressers, Nightstands, Chest Of Drawers)

Yes, it would help if you emptied the drawers in the bedroom furniture, especially the top two drawers. For example, if you have clothes in those drawers, you can leave them inside since they can’t cause damage. But, if the drawers are filled with items that can roll in the drawer, you should empty them to prevent damage to the drawer.

How Will My Furniture Be Protected?

We will cover your furniture with protective blankets and stretch wraps for securing. We will also strap them to the truck so they won’t move during relocation.

Do You Hire 3rd Party Labor?

No, we don’t hire third-party laborers; we work exclusively with people who are a part of our company.

How Many Families Do You Put In One Truck?

We don’t mix belongings from different moves in one truck, so you can be sure your belongings will get to the correct location.

When Can I Expect My Belongings To Arrive During Long-distance Moves?

You can expect delivery within 1-4 days after load for all long-distance moves.