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Fill out the inventory checklist with the number of items you need loading/unloading.



We will give you a precise cost estimate for our labor-only service based on your inventory list.



Expect us on your doorstep at the set time and we will immediately start working.



Let us and our future clients know how we did our job through a review after the job.

Reasons To Hire

Why Should You Use Our
Loading & unloading service?

Some clients rent or drive their own truck and need a helping hand – or four. Our Myrtle Beach movers will help you get your items onto and off the truck.  

Skilled Labor

Our trained and experienced crew members know how to load and unload a moving truck safely and efficiently without damage.

Skip Heavy Lift1ing

Avoid the risk of injuries caused by lifting heavy and oversized furniture. Many people hurt their backs moving heavy items. 

Professional Equipment

We come with weight bells, dollies, moving blankets, ramps, and straps to prevent injuries and damage. Our team is ready for the job.

Our Service

Our Loading & Unloading Labor-Only Service Offer

Our labor-only service is a service where our moving team helps with carrying your belongings from your home or office to a moving truck, storage pod, or similar. In this service we do not move your items to another location, we help you load or unload them in a different location quickly and without trouble. Also, we do not pack your items, but if you require packing, you can choose our packing service as well.

Loading Service

Our trained professionals will do the heavy lifting and load all your belongings into a moving truck, storage pod, or facility quickly and efficiently.

Unloading Service

If you are at your destination and need help with unloading furniture from your condo our movers can do exactly that for an affordable price.

Loading & Unloading Service

Do you need help with both loading and unloading? We can do that too with our experienced team who lifts items without trouble.

Our Cost

Loading and unloading price
In Myrtle Beach Area


You can choose our loading and unloading service or, if you require, just load it into a pod or your truck. Also, you can choose unloading-only service from the pod or your truck once you arrive at your new location. If you need a moving blanket for items, we can offer you some for a good price.

Our Charges:

  • $100 traveling fee
  • $105 per hour for 2 movers
  • $135 per hour for 3 movers
  • $165 per hour for 4 movers
  • each additional mover is $30 per hour

Why Hire Us?

Best Loading And unloading Service Around Myrtle Beach

We perform loading and unloading services for your items and belongings quickly and easily. Here are more reasons to hire us!

Attention To Details

We’re completely dedicated to the details allowing you to relax and trust the process. Thanks to our experience, we know how to do the job efficiently.

Unloading And Room Placement

We’ll carefully unload your items off the moving truck or from storage and place all your boxes and furniture in appropriate rooms.

Highly-trained Professionals

Thanks to our highly experienced labor who have more than 700 moves behind them, there is nothing to worry about. We will load and unload every box in pristine condition. 

Affordable Rates

Our Myrtle Beach company will load and unload your furniture, appliances, and other items without breaking the bank. Our prices are suitable for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Labor-Only Service

Can You Hire People Just to Load a Moving Truck?

Yes, you can hire a professional moving company to load a truck. Plus, they offer loading and unloading services, which will speed up the moving process. Professional labor will use proven methods, techniques, and equipment to load a truck quickly and damage-free.

Is Loading Faster Than Unloading?

These are two different processes. Usually, we spend more time on truck loading since this phase requires a lot of planning and preparation. 

How Can I Prepare For Loading/Unloading Service?

Ensure you are fully packed before moving day comes. When packing, use appropriate boxes and materials to protect fragile items. Label the boxes’ sides, not the top – you’ll be able the see the contents of each box. Use the small box for heavy items – it won’t be too hard to lift. Place the similar-sized boxes together to make loading easier. And lastly, tape the boxes so they don’t fall apart.

Do I Need To Pack My Belongings Before Movers Arrive To Unload Them In The Truck/Storage Pod?

Yes, you can. If you don’t have the time or packing supplies, we can do that for you if you use our packing service as well.